Basis of Professional Fees

Basis of Professional Fees

Our fees are based on the time worked by our staff at hourly rates that vary in accordance with experience and seniority.

We realise the importance of your need for a high quality, cost effective audit and we take steps to meet this requirement by:

  • increasing the productivity of our staff by emphasising front-end planning and budgeting of all work,
  • channeling our approach to identify areas where we can reduce our time without sacrificing professional quality,
  • the appropriate use of technology to enhance our audits.

Company Secretarial Solutions Fees

Our pricing strategy has incorporated the ever changing economic environment we find ourselves in due to the impact of COVID 19 and as such we have revisited the pricing model based on complexity of the work required. To this end our charge for various secretarial services for the 2022 financial year either remains unchanged from the previous year or incorporates a slight inflationary increase of not more than 4%.