~ 30 December 1967 – 11 January 2021~

A Life of Love
Elizabeth loved. She so loved her husband Chris and her daughter Zoé. She loved her extended family and friends. She loved her staff and clients.
Elizabeth cared. She was always there to care for friends in need.
Elizabeth gave. She gave endless hours and endless energy to her family, friends and staff in need.
Elizabeth laughed. She was fun and bubbled with happiness. She dressed with wonderful style.
Elizabeth gave. Elizabeth gave so much energy and warmth to her business and all she met.
We will dearly miss her.
~ Mark Luiz~

Elizabeth Luiz was an admired member of our community who always had a warm and welcoming spirit. Elizabeth founded E M Luiz Chartered Accountants (SA) RA in 1998 and was dedicated at making it a success. She was generous with her time and resources, helping and guiding all those who needed. Elizabeth was a member of various affiliations as she was highly commended and respected for her financial acuity. We empathize with her family and friends as we have all lost a notably profound person. Elizabeth will always be cherished and remembered for all the joy that she imprinted in our lives as well as all of her being. As she would famously declare, a smile costs nothing.

“Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.” ~ Luke 6:21

The practice was established in 1998 by Elizabeth Luiz and had been a SAICA training office until 2020.

Liz completed her Bachelor of Commerce Degree and Diploma in Accountancy at University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg Campus), thereafter commencing her articles at Deloitte & Touche. While at Deloitte & Touche she qualified as a Chartered Accountant (S.A.) and Registered Auditor and was there for a period of 8 years during which time she became a Senior Manager, at the same time completing her Higher Diploma in Taxation.

The practice has grown from strength to strength.