Business Management

Good Business Management is Not Only About Positive Financial Results

Extensive experience in owner managed business and all related areas, through our wide breadth of experience and knowledge, we are readily able to assist you in providing a valuable service in the following areas:

  • advice on starting a business and on the specific requirements that relate to the type of business you want to start
  • business management advise and structuring
  • company and close corporations secretarial work
  • comprehensive and realistic business plans
  • implementation of the systems and internal controls
  • necessary skills for technical, financial, marketing and business management
  • valuations of business and assets

We have a high quality team who are committed to your growth and success, pro-actively responsive to your needs and take cognisance of the specific characteristics of each client. Our firm focuses on meeting and exceeding the expectations while providing you with the kind of business partners that you need for the future.

We ensure that we have the appropriate resources and the range of services and skills to service the client effectively and efficiently, and selected experienced professionals who are dedicated to servicing clients and who relate well to management.

Entrepreneurship in South Africa is essential if the economy is to grow and jobs are to be created, so the willingness and courage to start your own businesses are applauded.

Statisically, however, the chances of a business succeeding are not good, so you are urged to evaluate your proposed business realistically, with the aid of a business adviser.

Basis of Professional Fees

Our fees are based on the time worked by our staff at hourly rates that vary in accordance with experience and seniority.

Good business management is not only about positive financial results.